In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

God has created serenity in many of his creations. The rising sun,theighty mountains, a càmly running river, a giant tree,…..the list can be continued. And, at the last, he has created our mind that can appreciate all these as well as will be searching  serenity in it!!



Many things are admired  by us as they make us wonder at the way they behave. Nature’s beauty being unique, it is being admired at all times. As it can not be copied to the full extent, it deserves full admiration.

The next creation of God,mankind is also unique. The world is made interesting just by the different qualities and manners of people. Hence interesting manners and qualities deserve admiration.

Çan we learn to do things in a particular special way so as to earn admiration from others? of course , it is feasible to an extent. Personal grooming can aid us to attain perfection. Persistent practice educates us to develop ourselves into a disciplinarily admirable character. our day to day living via its enroute shows the turnings and makes us to be prepared to take the necessary steps. This constant effort to be hand in hand with the living definitely gives that shape to our behaviour which will fetch  admiration from others.

We feel great when an infant of mere six months smiles at us and we admire the beauty of its smile. The growing child and its innocence once again is admired at various situations and stages.  Observing,understanding,remembering, imitating and learning, the child grows into a boy/girl and then to a man/woman. Here the person is admired for all the grace he/she shows in his/her behaviour. The maturity, the art to touch the heart of closely knits, relatives and friends,the tact to handle the situations– all these are developed  by self interpretations ,to suit the particular situation. And this speciality demands admiration spontaneously.

No age discrimination takes place when we admire others. Everyone whether he or she is younger or older is admired only for his or her wonderful nature. Many elders themselves admire their young relatives and wonder at the brilliance of these youngsters’ orienting their skills in living in family and society.

The effects of admiration are versatile as they associate themselves with the giver as well as the receiver. When a person achieves this admiration , he becomes strong to proceed ahead on his march.Further, this admiration enables us to develop faith on others. The qualities that are admired form the base of confidence we show on others. They act as the proof which ensures that he/she can be relied fully in relation to many situations that may be faced in our living. And this admiration acts as the catalyst that allows the change to take place in the life of those who admire others’ qualities. Further, it is the engine that propels even the experienced persons to boost up the skills of others on the basis of the admirable qualities they possess.

It is said “Mercy is blessed twice”, in the same wway, admiration is also admired twice as it leaves impact on who is admired as well as on who admired. Thus, admiration enables us to accept and adore the good and nice things about others!





    Blessed are those who know to praise as there are innumerable things that are praiseworthy. Beauty receives praise and admiration wherever and in whichever form it is. It is the possession of a beautiful mind that enriches one to the acknowledge beauty in every form. Thus, ability to praise itself is a form of beauty. A few words as a token of thanks, as a note of recognition, as a mark of esteem…. go a long way to procure a smile which beautifies face.

  Life is a tree that grows daily with branches of learning. Plant like small child grows into a healthy tree , bearing flowers and fruit of achievements. At this same time. It recognizes the value of praise in shaping its growth. Just like a plant that leans itself towards sunlight, every individual carves a niche of praise for all the small or big meaningful things done by him . .All  the  plants aren’t fortunate enough to receive this sunlight . Still, they do grow,  try to spread their branches and many of them successfully implant themselves as well. During this process that takes place stage by stage, definitely, they get to ascertain the weightage that praise carries in shaping the life.

     It  is a tool that easily moulds itself to function with any sort of work. Skilful handling of this tool enables the user to obtain the desired output .Thus, it helps to maximise the resources. This weapon which never misses its target is inherent in every one of us. But , very few are blessed with the know-how of operating this weapon.

  .  Every living being is born with an urge to grow more and more. God has endowed all the essentials of growth in us. On hearing a word of praise , a flash of smile certainly brightens our face and freshness of mind  gets reflected in our actions. Praise annihilates loathsomeness as it is quite natural of us to have a desire to hear a word of applause.

    It is we who exercise ignorance in selecting the proper tools to erect our stand. It is we who shrink our growth by restricting the blow of this pleasant air on others.  It is we who dull our fragrance by refuting the splash of this scent on others. The fragrance of praise lasts long and long , never to vanish but to rekindle the experience manifold. It is that ray of light which focuses directly on the emotions.

   To praise is to appreciate and attach recognition to even a minor act done. Praise should never be a flattery as it will score an image of unreliability and falsehood and in the long run, will hinder the growth of self as it is the vine that creeps on, tormenting the growth.

   So, It is  high time all of us had started spreading this fragrance  to adore the beauty in others, handling this mighty tool to operate appealingly on our endeavours and focusing on this objective  so as to relate us to the soft corners of others as there are things which are praise worthy done by everyone.

Praise is like the fresh shower of monsoon that kisses the ground to spread that scent of soil that hardly fail to mesmerize anyone which in turn can be equalled to the freshness of feelings that not only embellish the receiver but also energize him to perform more and more goodness in his life. So, an initiative taken to praise is the engine that propels innumerable good and kind deeds to take place one after another. It is a must for all of us to attain this beauty of mind so as to make this earth a beautiful place to live in.