Many things are admired  by us as they make us wonder at the way they behave. Nature’s beauty being unique, it is being admired at all times. As it can not be copied to the full extent, it deserves full admiration.

The next creation of God,mankind is also unique. The world is made interesting just by the different qualities and manners of people. Hence interesting manners and qualities deserve admiration.

Çan we learn to do things in a particular special way so as to earn admiration from others? of course , it is feasible to an extent. Personal grooming can aid us to attain perfection. Persistent practice educates us to develop ourselves into a disciplinarily admirable character. our day to day living via its enroute shows the turnings and makes us to be prepared to take the necessary steps. This constant effort to be hand in hand with the living definitely gives that shape to our behaviour which will fetch  admiration from others.

We feel great when an infant of mere six months smiles at us and we admire the beauty of its smile. The growing child and its innocence once again is admired at various situations and stages.  Observing,understanding,remembering, imitating and learning, the child grows into a boy/girl and then to a man/woman. Here the person is admired for all the grace he/she shows in his/her behaviour. The maturity, the art to touch the heart of closely knits, relatives and friends,the tact to handle the situations– all these are developed  by self interpretations ,to suit the particular situation. And this speciality demands admiration spontaneously.

No age discrimination takes place when we admire others. Everyone whether he or she is younger or older is admired only for his or her wonderful nature. Many elders themselves admire their young relatives and wonder at the brilliance of these youngsters’ orienting their skills in living in family and society.

The effects of admiration are versatile as they associate themselves with the giver as well as the receiver. When a person achieves this admiration , he becomes strong to proceed ahead on his march.Further, this admiration enables us to develop faith on others. The qualities that are admired form the base of confidence we show on others. They act as the proof which ensures that he/she can be relied fully in relation to many situations that may be faced in our living. And this admiration acts as the catalyst that allows the change to take place in the life of those who admire others’ qualities. Further, it is the engine that propels even the experienced persons to boost up the skills of others on the basis of the admirable qualities they possess.

It is said “Mercy is blessed twice”, in the same wway, admiration is also admired twice as it leaves impact on who is admired as well as on who admired. Thus, admiration enables us to accept and adore the good and nice things about others!




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